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Client with overactive bladder syndrome

She offered the psychological approach to OAB that I was looking for. She is focused and insightful.

Client with functional gastrointestinal disorder

Feels very practical: a great mix of cognitive work, shorter-term coping strategies as well as digging deeper through EMDR...It won't be easy, and it is quite emotionally and intellectually taxing, but you will feel like you are really addressing issues in both a fundamental way and in a practical way... I think it's great and I totally understand why so many people rave about Sula's work.

Client with trauma

She's so perceptive and really pays attention and remembers the details of things I say, and synthesises them into such helpful insights. She's really a genius at what she does and has helped me immensely.

Client with chronic UTI

She has really helped me. I started to pick up more and more that my persistent UTI had become more governed by my emotions and routine but didn’t see this validated in many forums, meeting sula affirmed this with science. It was really empowering and a big turning point for me.

Client with trauma

I went from not having processed being raped to being a Trustee of a Rape Crisis Centre. That process was compassionately guided and supported by Sula. Of course the aim of therapy was to process trauma not to become a Trustee, but to feel as empowered as I do and to be in the position that I am now is invaluable. So I would say that Sula will support you to gently work and move through areas of you life that need a little more love and support, yet empower you to feel strong and validated in your experiences.

Client with IBS

I'm absolutely perfect now. Thank you so much. Honestly can't thank you enough...  You have seriously turned my life back around.

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