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Magazines & Writing

I am regularly featured in leading national newspapers and magazines. A selection of features on a range of topics are listed below

Psychologies Magazine:

'Lucky Girl Syndrome' - the science behind the trend  


Women's Health Magazine:

Do Nice Girls Die First - May 2023 print feature 

Reclaim the rave: the health case for going out to dance in your 40s and beyond

Hysterectomy for endometriosis: Meet the women stuck on gynaecology waiting lists

Manifesting Is Rising in Popularity. Should You Try This Other-Wordly Trend?

If You Are Worried That Your Child Is Struggling with Anxious Feelings, Try These 9 Expert Tips

Dealing with 'Friendship Fade?' Here's 7 Ways to Keep Yours in Check


Stylist Magazine

Exercise for mental health: “Working out can be self-care, but it isn’t therapy”

The power of thinking positively about exercise

Red Magazine

Dream Job (September 2021 issue)


Fabulous Magazine in The Sun

COVID BOD : Remedy your pandemic health problems with our expert advice 


Book Chapters

APA Handbook of Health Psychology (in press); Section on psychological approaches for bowel conditions. 

Two books in process

Speaking, Podcasts and TV 

I have been a featured guest on a number of amazing podcasts:

The Panic Pod - IBS and Anxiety ft Dr Sula Windgassen

Train Happy Podcast - The Psychology of IBS with Dr Sula Windgassen

The Progression Health Podcast - Dr. Sula Windgassen PhD MSc the mental health and mindfulness series part #1

A Slice of Health - Dealing with stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Glowing Potential - Keep It Simple. Exploring an IGTV Digital Health Series with Health Psychologist Dr. Sula Windgassen, PhD.

Dr Diggi's Debunking Medical Myths - Mental Health and Therapy

Pause Purpose Play Podcast - Connecting to your body, with Dr Sula Windgassen

Empower Her Fitness Podcast - The Impact Of Chronic Stress On Our Health with Dr Sula Windgassen

Impact Wellness - Health Psychology to Improve your daily wellbeing

IC Wellness Podcast - IC and the Mind Body Connection with Health Psychologist Sula Windgassen

Fifty Shades of Food and Nutrition - Stress & IBS With Dr Sula Windgassen

I am a regular speaker at events and academic and commercial conferences. These have included:

Level Up Event

Future of Food, Food Medic Conference

Food Medic Webinar on Gut Health 

TV Productions

I was featured in the ITN Production as part of the Bladder Health UK "Breaking Boundaries" Series speaking on the psychological impact of catheterising. 

Watch here


Live UTI Free Website - Navigating Recurrent UTI with Dr. Sula Windgassen, Health Psychologist

SMILE App for Long Term Conditions - Consultant & Contributor  

The Food Medic Blog - Why Turning Towards Emotions is Healing 


I am very fortunate to have made some wonderful networks, with like-minded professionals. I am keen to connect with other psychologists working in a similar field and approach to me. I host peer supervision for health psychologists once a month. 

I am also keen to connect with professionals in other disciplines working with gut, bladder, pelvic and gynaecological conditions. I am working on developing a multidisciplinary model that will provide more comprehensive care for patients. I am really keen to collaborate on care with practitioners who refer to me, subject to the clients' consent. 

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