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Using mind-body science to unlock healing

Reclaim your life from burnout, persistent physical symptoms and trauma
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✅​ Feel comfortable in your own body and confident in navigating flare ups

✅​ Have peace of mind & clarity of thought without anxious spirals

✅​ Feel hopeful and optimistic for your future and plans to meet life & healing goals (e.g less flare ups, balanced energy, career progression, travelling)

✅​ Enjoy tranquility in quiet moments, feeling connected to yourself

✅​ Be present for fullness of life, experiencing it with playfulness, excitement and joy

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When you know a little of the biology of the nervous system, you can understand how mind and body are constantly in communication. You can see how mood states and negative thought spirals are influenced by different nervous system modes. 

Even more powerful is when you notice the physical effects of these nervous system modes. From here you have the basis to start working with your biology and not against it. 

All you have to do is enter your details to get your free download. 

Well not quite *all*. Making change is all in the action. This booklet gives you the first steps to make meaningful action. 

It all starts with understanding your own nervous system
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Your symptoms, your difficulties, your healing goals... 

Use the mini assessment to get guidance on what mind-body approach can help move you towards your healing goals, taking into account everything you've already tried. 

Ready to immerse yourself?

You might like to listen to these podcast episodes 

Do you want to understand how you can move from a place of burnout, restriction and frustration to feeling a sense of confidence and calm no matter what symptoms are happening because you have a plan and goals you know you are getting closer to regardless of the ups and downs?

✅​ Download the workbook and schedule time to read it

✅​ Over the next week or two use the nervous system thermometer exercise to get familiar with some of the cycles going on in your experience of symptoms 

✅​ Pick a podcast (or more than one) to download and listen to later 

✅​ Check your emails for more deep dives and bitesized tips for working with the mind-body connection 

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Dr Sula discusses a biopsychosocial approach and what it looks like in the context of chronic illness and burn out. This episode dispels myths about the divide between mental and physical health. 

Adrienne interviews Dr Sula exploring all things nervous system and nervous system regulation. In this episode Dr Sula explains how nervous system regulation is relevant to everyone, with or without persistent health issues and how we can nurture our own.

Dr Sula explains some of the processes connecting psychological experiences with gut activity and symptoms through the gut-brain axis. This episode includes key information for those experiencing gut disorders like IBS. 

Tom Mitchell interviews Dr Sula Windgassen talking all things mind-body health with a focus on deepening connections and the perils of pathologising common human experiences. 

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Sometimes you find things right when they need to meet you. 

If you are here and feeling hopeful, like you want to dive straight in, lean into that momentum. It's powerful! 

When you sign up you will have immediate access to the full hub of mind-body science and practices, including videos, audios and workbooks. All of the past workshops are available for you to watch back and you'll have all the details of how to join the Wednesday online groups. 

Dr Sula has limited capacity to work 1:1 with waiting lists, so this is an excellent opportunity to benefit from her expertise and support. 

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