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I provide cognitive behavioural therapy tailored to the experience of bowel symptoms. I also assist clients with specific psychological techniques aimed to improve and regulate gut-brain interactions. 

I deliver:

  • CBT for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to improve symptom severity, enhance quality of life and improve stress and any associated anxiety/depression. 

  • CBT for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to help manage fatigue, pain and urgency symptoms.

  • CBT, ACT, Compassion based approaches to help manage the stress associated with ongoing symptoms. 

All therapy involves creating a shared understanding of the gut-brain axis and what factors may be contributing to any dysregulation. 

The online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Group for Irritable Bowel Syndrome is now open. You can learn more about it and register here


The biomedical approach to medicine tends to leave people with chronic illness/long term conditions with insufficient support and uncertain how best to manage the burden of their condition. This can lead to overwhelm, distress, isolation as well as poorer health outcomes. Chronic illnesses can also impact on your sense of identity, with many experiencing a sense of loss. 

Goals of therapy vary from client to client. Therapy may involve:

  • Exploring the impact on identity and creating value-based goals 

  • Increasing understanding of health and symptoms

  • Managing the emotional impact 

  • Finding ways to manage symptoms and symptom burden

Whether you have recently started to experience symptoms and are unsure of how long may last or whether you have had ongoing bladder/pelvic symptoms for years, I tailor therapy to your unique experience and goals. There is a close connection between the bladder and pelvic region and the brain. The stress, anxiety and upset that these symptoms cause can create a vicious cycle whereby the bladder and pelvic regions become increasingly sensitised. 

I work with predominantly women with chronic/recurrent urinary tract infections (cUTI), interstitial cystitis (IC), overactive bladder (OAB), vulvodynia & pelvic pain in the context of, or separate to, endometriosis.

I use the latest evidence-based therapeutic methods to gradually interrupt this vicious cycle and support the de-amplification of these pain/sensation signals. Therapy involves information about the link between pelvis/bladder and brain, conceptualisation of a holistic understanding of factors maintaining symptoms and management techniques for symptoms and associated distress. 


We are rarely explicitly taught how to manage stress and overwhelming emotions. We generally make our own way through trial and error, which can be really effective until it no longer is. I work with clients to help unpick present and past stressors contributing to overwhelm. 


Perfectionism does not mean doing things perfectly. It does mean having a lot of "should" thoughts and high standards. This can lead to procrastination, pushing yourself really hard and/or self-criticism. 

I use CBT, ACT and compassion focussed approaches with clients to explore what is at the heart of these expectations and experimenting with trying alternative approaches in relating to yourself


We are rarely explicitly taught how to manage stress and overwhelming emotions. We generally make our own way through trial and error, which can be really effective until it no longer is. I work with clients to help unpick present and past stressors contributing to overwhelm. ..


I use trauma-focused CBT and/or EMDR to work with post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma. 

I am working towards my advanced EMDR accreditation with an experienced EMDR Consultant. 


Individual sessions - 55 minutes £150

Group workshops - £550 for 8 weeks live online group, plus materials

Self-management resources with 5x 30-minute follow up - £75 per session

Cancellation policy: Due to financial considerations regarding waiting lists, if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged for your session.


I can provide clinical supervision for healthcare professionals working with patients with psychological needs. This particularly suits nutritionists, physiotherapists and health coaches. 

Group/individual supervision - 60 minutes £100

Starting May 2021 I will have 5 spaces for the supervision of trainee health psychologists. This will consist of 4 meetings a year, email support and review of portfolio documents. 

Quarterly fee - £200

Consultancy & Research

I work with brands, startups and organisations to provide a range of consultancy services in my areas of expertise:

  • Workshops and webinars 

  • Website content 

  • The application of health psychology to strategy and policy 

  • The design of programmes and resources 

  • Research strategy 

  • Literature reviews 


I am passionate about raising awareness of the different applications of health psychology and particular areas of gender and health inequality. I am always open to collaborations in these areas. I have recently established the Biopsychosocial approach to Urogynaecology Society (BUGS), made up of patient advocates, physicians, psychologists and other allied health professionals as well as women's health journalists. We welcome new collaborators to this from the UK and internationally. 

I have limited scope for providing support for students, however, from time to time may have projects suitable for students hoping to increase their experience. You can get in touch using the contact form.  

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