Assistant Health Psychologist Advert


Role Overview


I am looking for a motivated person with initiative and a passion for health psychology to assist me in my private practice (note this is not NHS work). The candidate will have a range of duties including online intervention development for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and people wishing to improve their mind-body connection for overall wellbeing. Part of the role will involve the development of clinical skills including workshop facilitation, screening calls and receiving training in the delivery of cognitive behavioural therapy for IBS. Other aspects of the role will include the development of research skills including literature searches, data management (and potentially analysis), publication editing and editorial administration. There will be scope for the right candidate to feature on peer-reviewed publications, dependent upon their input in accordance with APA recommendations. The candidate will work closely with me, remotely, with regular check-ins. They will be set clear goals and deliverables and these will be monitored and reviewed together.


The work will be issued on a monthly basis with an estimated 4 hours a week of work, however, this may vary month to month. Therefore this role would not be suitable as a person’s main source of income. It would likely suit someone completing further study, working part-time or on an already self-employed basis. I am flexible in terms of when the work gets done, however meetings will generally take place on Friday mornings, so candidates will need to be available then.

Please click this link to download the document for more details on the role and how to apply 

Deadline May 17th 2021.

Please do not message me on Instagram or using the form submit on my website. All queries can be emailed, but please note I will not respond to questions that have been addressed in the job advert. I am unable to tell you more about the length and duration of work at this stage unfortunately.