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Dr Sula's research has been featured in

Meet Dr Sula Windgassen

The leading Health Psychologist for those with irritable bowel syndrome and gut disorders. 

With a PhD in psychological approaches to irritable bowel syndrome, a doctoral qualification in health psychology and 10+ years in academia and the NHS, Dr Sula has helped 1000s of people with their IBS (and other gut disorders). She worked on the largest study for cognitive behavioural therapy for IBS to date. 


Dr Sula has empowered many people to get control of unpredictable gut issues, regulate their bowels and no longer worry about the impact IBS may have on their life. 


Dr Sula's PhD research have been published in top journals including the Lancet Gastroenterology & the BMJ and was featured in top media publications. 

Client Results

80% of participants taking part in the group rated at least an 8/10 symptom improvement

The impact of IBS on life reduced by 64%

Control over IBS increased by 115%

Satisfaction with bowel habits doubled

Abdominal symptoms nearly halved


What people have said

 "I have noticed a big improvement in not only my symptoms but also my mental well-being. When I joined the course it was fair to say I was in quite a negative place... The course helped me to evaluate and confront these issues. It was a difficult time during the course personally but I feel so much happier now for going through it and in a better place to carry on working on my goals. I do genuinely think there are a lot of people who could benefit from the course who may not know it exists. I'm very fortunate that my sister is a dietitian and suggested I give it a go!"

"Felt so supportive, no such thing as a stupid question. Paced perfectly. Enjoyed the breakout rooms and the balance between presentations and time to talk. Could not rate it more highly. The professionalism but also authenticity of those running the group was one of the key aspects that made it so helpful i think. Also, other group members willing to share and be vulnerable helped so much."

"To hear others having the same issues really helped with not feeling so isolated and strange. The support of the group was so uplifting! I gained my confidence back that I can handle life with IBS and I don't have to isolate myself. I know now what causes my symptoms and that food doesn't really play a big role."

Get your free download now
Do you have IBS?
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