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Explore more free downloads

The resources section of the website is consistently being updated with free pdf information and worksheets. You can find worksheets on:

  • Working with your nervous system 

  • Processing big changes

  • Dealing with dismissal in the healthcare system

  • Getting familiar with your feelings 

  • Understanding IBS symptoms

Listen to Dr Sula talk on the subject of a body mind connect approach to health on these podcasts

The Panic Pod with Joshua Fletcher

We talk about the physiology that explains IBS and how psychological experiences influence IBS symptoms and gut regulations

Dr Body Mind Soul Podcast

Dr Jude and I talk about the gut-brain connection and holistic approaches to health and long term conditions. I explain CBT for IBS

Pause Purpose Play with Michaela Thomas

We explore a biopsychosocial model of health, health psychology in practice, chronic stress, the role of perfectionism and mindfulness. 

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